Lauren + Ian's Lush Waterfall Engagement – Portland, Oregon

Lauren and Ian are two of my closest friends. In fact, they met at my wedding! I couldn’t have asked for two better loved friends to fall in love with each other. They now live in Brooklyn with their pup Abbey, but we went back to Lauren’s hometown of Portland, Oregon for their engagement photographs.

On this crisp winter day, Lauren and Ian snuggled up for their engagement session at Multnomah Falls. Waterfall mist covering their faces, they were all smooches and smiles.


Alice + Catie's Jumpin for Joy Engagement – Brooklyn, NY

Alice and Catie wanted to celebrate their love in the most colorful way possible! I love adventuresome couples. Alice and Catie are two enthusiastic, kind, badass Brooklyn ladies. Catie works at Kickstarter HQ, and Alice is a dentist primarily serving New York’s LGBT community.

From the Bushwick Collective murals, to the cherry blossoms on Roosevelt Island, Alice and Catie were up for anything. We ended the day in a burst of color by the East River. Covered head to toe in Holi powder, Alice and Catie couldn't stop giggling. It made me realize again just how contagious love is.


Kelsey Taylor + Randy's Chic, Laid Back Engagement – Hudson, NY

I recently shot with a super rad couple Kelsey Taylor and Randy in at their home in Hudson, NY. They both work at Etsy – Randy is the Creative Director and has crazy design chops (and an impressive high-top collection) and Kelsey Taylor is a merchandizer, treasure finder and costumer extraordinaire.

For our shoot, I wanted to feature Kelsey Taylor + Randy as they are: simultaneously super chic and laid back. First I photographed them decked out in suits with studio lighting, then with a Old Hollywood glamour vibe with romantic/hazy backlighting and finally romping around in a field, makeup-free just after dawn. And of course, their two pups, Twiggy Smalls and Fish Dogg make cameos!