Tierney+Courtney's Dawn Griffith Observatory Engagement

I've loved the Griffith Observatory for years and I was super pumped that when I suggested the location, Courtney and Tierney jumped at the idea! The Observatory also holds a special place in their hearts.

As a lifelong morning person, I have always felt a connection with the early hours of light. We met at dawn to have the usually bustling observatory to ourselves. The low-lying clouds hugged the city as Tierney and Courtney explored the park together. With spectacular views of the city, these two lovebirds smiled and snuggled their way through our shoot. We even said hi to Kevin Bacon on the way out :)

Fun update: these two babes are now expecting a babe of their own! All the kisses in the world go out to them.


Heck Yeah!

Deliriously happy and invigorated – I'm fresh off an incredible workshop week in Joshua Tree for Heck Yeah Photo Camp, where creativity, community, education, and goofiness were paramount :) Here's some of the magic.   

Huzzah, xoCarly 

Lauren + Ian's Lush Waterfall Engagement – Portland, Oregon

Lauren and Ian are two of my closest friends. In fact, they met at my wedding! I couldn’t have asked for two better loved friends to fall in love with each other. They now live in Brooklyn with their pup Abbey, but we went back to Lauren’s hometown of Portland, Oregon for their engagement photographs.

On this crisp winter day, Lauren and Ian snuggled up for their engagement session at Multnomah Falls. Waterfall mist covering their faces, they were all smooches and smiles.